Composite Cladding Solutions

In recent years, building cladding has become almost the default design element of architects and those involved in new construction and refurbishment of existing buildings due to it ability to transform what may otherwise be a plain building, or old building into something much more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing.

But the truth is, if your cladding does not conform to the new standards set down by the National Construction Code (NCC 2019) not only are you at risk of breaking the law, but you are putting the lives of the building occupants at risk.

The issue is that within the core of non-compliant panelling, the core is made of a non-fibre foam which melts when exposed to extreme heat (as in the case of a fire). As it melts it becomes fuel for the fire, dripping down the building spreading the flames as at the same time it works its way up the building too.