Community Support

Our team is actively involved and dedicated to
supporting the community.

This charity has been close to our hearts and minds for a number of years and in doing so, we have been engaging in the Save Our Sons Community Walk for the past three (3) years.

We are pleased to say over the three year period, we have raised over $170,000.

We will continue to walk for people who can’t walk…

Kids’ cancer doesn’t stop, so neither can we

Camp Quality’s goal is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. The services provided are for children (0-13 years) living with cancer.

Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce

Wynn Construction Group has proudly been supporting the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce for numerous years

Australian Maronite Professionals Council

AMPC is a national non-profit organisation uniting Australian members of the Maronite Catholic Church, who have a real concern for the prosperity and welfare of this country. The AMPC is a platform that is dedicated to connecting Maronite’s and coming together as professionals.


Wynn Construction Group has proudly supported the Help for Hirschsprung Disease over numerous years

Master Builders Association

We are proud members of master builders association.