Structural & Concrete

Concrete Spalling

Concrete is often used in construction for its strength and durability, however, like most materials deteriorates over time due to the long term exposure to natural elements.

The metal reinforcing steel begins to rust and corrode and structural damage occurs – which is not only unsightly but can pose danger to both property and people.

Concrete deterioration has various remedial options depending on the construction. Wynn Construction Group are experienced at investigating the problem, devising an appropriate action plan and executing the repair.

Structural Repairs

Wynn Construction Group can diagnose and remedy any structural damage caused to a building through concrete spalling, brickwork and grouting issues, water leakage and foundation movement through soil erosion.

The structure of a building cannot be treated with short term band-aid solutions. Wynn Construction Group take a long term, safety-first approach to repair and guarantee the quality and expertise of our remedial service.

Our work ethic and attitude gives you or your body corporate peace of mind that we will save you money and time in the long term.